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Acupuncture is a method of encouraging the body to promote natural healing and to improve functioning.

Scar tissue from abortion

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I live in Kun San, Jun Ra Buck Do which is located in the middle of South Korea. I got married three years ago and tried to get pregnant, but I could not conceive. My husband is the only son going back four generations (i.e. the only son of the only son of the only son of the only son). As is the custom of my country, I must have a son who can inherit the family estate.  I tried taking Clomid, but it was not successful.  I even went to a very famous oriental medicine clinic in Seoul which specializes in fertility. That also failed. 

I had heard about Dr. Lee and wanted to see her, but she was in New York City.  Fortunately, Dr. Lee came to Seoul, Korea in 2003 for a conference, and I was able to meet her. Dr. Lee evaluated me and said I was suffering from stress, cold body, and scar tissue from an abortion prior to marriage. These were interfering with ovulation and conceiving.

Unfortunately, because Dr. Lee returned to New York, I could not receive her acupuncture treatments, but she sent me 90 days worth of herbs. I am very happy to have my son after Dr. Lee’s herbal treatments.  My son is very handsome, smart, and healthy thanks to Dr. Lee.

– Sun Kyung 

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